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An Amazon Editor's Top 10 Pick

Are you competing in the most profitable market?

The Internet, mobile technology, the ubiquity of information and the availability of big data have dramatically increased the speed and impact of success and failure. Those who succeed today do so because they compete in the most advantageous part of the market.


However, finding the right space to compete effectively is not always easy – until now. In Compete Smarter, Not Harder, Dr. William Putsis shows you how to seize market opportunities that will have the greatest impact across multiple markets.

By utilizing the step-by-step process of strategic prioritization developed in the book, you can rework competitive efforts across markets to benefit your business. Learn to recognize strategic decisions that provide the best margins, overall profitability, and growth. Apply those strengths to extract value in other markets. Brimming with insights from Dr. Putsis’ progressive academic research and widespread industry practice, Compete Smarter, Not Harder addresses each step from strategic market selection to tactics of execution.

"... He offers practical tools for helping your organization decide where and how to compete..."

Michael Thaman

CEO and Chairman

Owens Corning


"... This book offers a detailed process for making the right business decisions to compete successfully in today’s business environment.”

 John Quelch


Harvard Business School


"... This book lays out a a discipline framework... this which is the essence of winning and losing in a rapidly changing world..."

Michael Cave

Senor Vice President,

The Boeing Comapny



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