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Michael Thaman
CEO and Chairman
Owens Corning

Dr. Putsis has made a valuable contribution to strategic thinking with Compete Smarter, Not Harder. He offers practical tools for helping your organization decide where and how to compete. These are the two critical elements of creating shareholder value: delivering what your customers really want and doing it better than your competition.

John Quelch
Charles Edward Wilson 
Professor of Business
Harvard Business School

In a practical guide for managers at all levels, Putsis explains that the key to success is in the prioritization of the right market and the right customers. This book offers a detailed process for making the right business decisions to compete successfully in today’s business environment.

Michael Cave
Senior Vice President The Boeing Company

The root cause of business success is discipline, and that is especially true in strategy development. This book lays out a discipline framework that will allow today’s leaders to identify the difference between a temptation and a genuine opportunity – this which is the essence of winning and losing in a rapidly chainging world.

Jim Davis
Chief Marketing Officer

In Compete Smarter, Not Harder, Bill Putsis advocates a level of focus that requires strategic use of information to set smart limits. To keep their organizations competitive, leaders need to know – and sometimes embrace – their market’s limits through strategic prioritization. Smart leaders first apply analytics to explore the boundaries of their market to uncover new opportunities. Then they make fact-based decisions at every subsequent turn. Businesses that fail often do do, not because their leaders didn’t work hard enough, but because they didn’t carefully choose where to compete. This book delivers the principles and tools to navigate those choices.

Greg Bowlin
Strategia Global, LLC and former Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Jeppesen, Inc.
Kehai Xie
Chief HR Officer
Founder Group, China

Real competitive strategy is about prioritization; most importantly, prioritization that wins for customers, thereby winning for the business. “Competing Smarter, not Harder” ... does a great job illustrating the importance of knowing where and how to compete. Bill’s stories resonate and clearly illustrate those business principles that define success while pointing out the fallacies that are often employed as fact when making business decisions. Make this book part of your business education and keep it in your reference library.“

This book seeks a universal solution by drilling into the core of competing in the right market, in the right part, for the right customers, with the right incentives, and with the right offering. Therefore, the principles and tools can be utilized worldwide without boundaries, in the U.S., China, and anywhere else.


The book is filled with vivid examples from literature with relevant theories for the real time business world ... the book would enrich practitioners’ minds by making important contribution to their understanding about what to focus on and, hence, improve the quality of strategy decisions.

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